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Our Porirua centre ran its first Professional Speaking for Migrants class this year.

They had four students attend the course and they loved it, and all passed the Speech NZ Assessments with Distinction… very exciting.

Graduate Hanh Doan comments:

“When I saw the post about Professional Speaking for Migrants on the ELP Porirua Facebook page, my first reaction was that I did not want to register because I thought speaking English for me was only necessary for basic communication. Therefore, I felt there was no need to apply for this class.

A few weeks later, I changed my mind and told myself: “Learning new skills is always good. Maybe I don’t need it now but who knows about tomorrow”. So, I signed up.

After finishing this course, I have completely changed my opinion. I have learned not only how to focus on the content, but also greatly improved my ability to:

– talk to the audience

– use positive thinking

– attract and interact with the listener

– control voice and body language flexibly during the presentations

– pay attention to audience

– as well as many many other tips useful every day…

I really recommend you to register for this class.  It teaches you a lot of skills and gives you experience that helps you communicate more effectively and with confidence.

This is what I feel but also what my friends and colleagues have commented to me about my progress after this course.

This is a fantastic course for any former migrants who have a decent grasp of the English language but need to develop presentation skills for employment. The course covers PowerPoint presentations, phone presentation, front of office presentation, and prepared readings. Our Porirua centre will be running the course again in the first half of 2020, so get in touch if you think this would be the right Professional Development for yourself or your staff.

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