Improve the English of your staff

Work with us to design a training programme for your staff. Alternatively, people may be able to enrol in the English for Employees programme.

Upskill your people - increase productivity

Communication is key to your business running smoothly and efficiently. Successful companies need workers equipped with the right English, to relate well to customers and colleagues, and to function safely at work.

And with staff operating more confidently, you’ll increase workplace performance and see better business results.

Do your migrant staff need better English?

We work directly with employers and businesses to customise training that targets the specific needs of your workforce.

We can deliver our training programmes at your site, or a suitable location.


What's involved in training?

ELPNZ designs training specifically tailored to your employees’ language needs. We work with your business to determine the training focus.

Many employers say the key issues are communication with other colleagues and customers. Some staff need to build basic workplace literacy and numeracy – to understand instructions and comply with safety regulations.

For others, it’s a need for staff to learn more about Kiwi workplace culture, so they understand more about ‘how we do things’ at work in NZ.

I have one employee with language needs. Can ELPNZ help?

Your employee can integrate with our current classes, or we may be able to provide them with a private trainer.

Who delivers training?

Our trainers are all qualified and experienced, with expertise in delivering tailored workplace programmes to culturally diverse workforces. We frequently work with a mix of language levels and backgrounds.

How long is a training course?

This depends on your needs and availabilities. Contact us to discuss!

When are classes held?

Your business comes first. Classes are delivered with minimum interruption to work hours, depending on staff availability. We will help you to determine the best approach – lessons as part of a paid work day, or after-hours, or both? We accommodate to fit all needs.

What is ‘English for Employees’?

A part-time programme for workers (part or full time) who want to improve their workplace language, literacy and numeracy. Courses are up to 45-hours.  A limited number of free places are available each year. The course is restricted to residents and citizens. Class times and content is flexible.


  • Professionally-qualified instructors
  • Focus on workplace language
  • Small groups


  • Workplace communication
  • Reading, writing and numeracy for work
  • Cultural issues and expectations of the Kiwi workplace

Where does training take place?

This depends on your needs. Some employers prefer onsite learning, but, if preferable, we can locate an appropriate venue. ELP has venues we work with near you to accommodate this.

How should I approach this with my staff?

Get in touch with us if you have any doubts. Your discussions may change depending on the culture and background of each staff member. We have extensive experience working with people from all around the world, and are happy to assist to ensure that the most sensitive approach is adopted.

What does it cost?

Our courses are tailor-made to suit individual business needs, so costs vary depending on your business’ specific training needs.

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Testimonials from our employers

How employers have found their experience

David Phillips – Steelfort Engineering


Paying the programme fee is an investment, because ultimately, we’ll benefit too.

Aaron Jeffares – Farm manager – Moondance Farms


I’ve seen quick progress. Not only have they quickly gained a better understanding of the language, but also about how and why we do things the way we do them.

David Phillips – Steelfort Engineering


Paying the programme fee is an investment, because ultimately, we’ll benefit too.

Aaron Jeffares – Farm manager – Moondance Farms


I’ve seen quick progress. Not only have they quickly gained a better understanding of the language, but also about how and why we do things the way we do them.

Sharon FultonBevers – Thermakraft


One of the major hurdles to overcome was just teaching the shy workers to speak out when they don’t understand.

Abi Buckell – Organisation Development Advisor – WEL Networks


Our managers say they are seeing better outcomes when staff are talking to customers and working through issues with their peers. There’s more clarity around communication and people are more relaxed.

Nigel Maxey – Fielden Metalworks


Their English has improved and I think they’re more outgoing for it. We get fewer errors between what was asked and what happens. So it’s helpful.

Geoff Lewis – Tender Tips


The outcome for the factory has been superb. We have been very pleased with the support we received from ELPNZ. They worked hard to deliver the outcome, and they were extremely willing to be part of the project to help our employees become a success in this work opportunity.

Alpha Interiors


It’s enabled our staff to become more confident in their work activity and tasks.

Vivienne Power – Freshmax


The confidence we are seeing from our team is, to say the least, amazing and very productive.

Paul Brockie – Absolute Energy


It’s been great for my company. My staff can relate to people now; they’re not shy when meeting someone. They can identify themselves and let customers know what they’re doing.

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