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Learn English to find employment or for career development

Whether you are in work or looking for work, we can help with your career development.
Learn the workplace culture and language to progress towards your individual learning goals.

Looking for work?

English for Job Seekers

Intensive 48-hour course over four weeks
(12 hours per week).

Develop your job-seeking skills and English for the Kiwi workplace.

Learn how to approach employers with a suitable CV, respond to interview questions and develop your professional networking skills.

Your English level needs to be intermediate and above (confident users of English).

Contact your local centre to find out more.

Need career development?

English for Employees

Free 30 or 45 hour, part-time course.

Improve your English skills for your job.

Learn more about Kiwi workplace culture and how to communicate well with customers and staff.

Focus on work-related literacy and numeracy.

You must be a resident with a job (full or part-time).

Contact your local centre to find out more.

Need special workplace training?

We can target training to meet your specific workplace needs.  Get in touch with your local centre to discuss how we can help.


What will I learn?

You will learn the English that is used in New Zealand workplaces. You will also learn about Kiwi workplace culture and helpful information about employment in New Zealand.

Work Talk  Focus on finding work in New Zealand. Learn how to approach employers and tailor your CV for specific job applications. Prepare and practise for job interviews and develop your professional networking skills

English for Employees Learn English to communicate well in your job and work safely. You can also learn about cultural issues and expectations of the Kiwi workplace.

When are classes held?

Classes are held at different times to suit learners. Contact your local centre to find the best times for you.

How long are courses?

Work Talk is a 48-hour course. It is 12 hours per week for four weeks.

English for Employees is a 45-hour course. It is a part-time course,  with flexible hours (2-4 hours per week, often outside working hours, unless during work time is appropriate)

How much does the course cost?

Work Talk  There may be a fee. (ask your centre)

English for Employees Courses are free, but you must be a citizen or resident with a job.

Want to learn English for work?

Join a course and learn the English you need for work in New Zealand.


How real learners found their experience

Hardy Hko

“I got a good chance to learn English because I had workmates and I asked them to teach me, and they were good Kiwis and happy to teach me. We would speak together at lunchtime and go to the shops together and after a year, my English had improved and we were having good conversations together".

Teddy Bangilinan

“In the Philippines, speaking English is a mix. Sometimes we use ‘Taglish’, Tagalog and English. It’s our normal way of life. That’s why most Filipinos can some speak English, but if you live in an English-speaking country, you need to improve it.”

Linda Lam

"We all live in a global village, and education plays an important part. People have always accepted my 'Chinglish' but the improvement [in my English] over the past year has amazed even me."

Laura Aguero Cendak

"Look what I have done. I have travelled 10,000 kilometres to start a new life. If I can do that, I can do anything."

Re Ber Paw Sein

"Before you helped me get this job, it was like all the doors were locked and everything was in darkness, and now it is like the lights are all on and I can go in."