Improve your English and job seeking skills!

Learn the English you need to help you find a job!

Learn to get a job
CV and cover letter preparation
Interviewing and networking skills
Part-time English course

Looking for work? Join our English for Job Seekers course.

Intensive 48-hour course over four weeks (12 hours per week).

Develop your job-seeking skills and English for the Kiwi workplace.

Learn how to approach employers with a suitable CV, respond to interview questions and develop your professional networking skills.

Your English level needs to be intermediate and above (confident users of English).

Lessons take place in the classroom, but some online options may be available.

You can join the English for Job Seekers course with English Language Partners if you:

  • live in New Zealand
  • are a resident visa holder or citizen of New Zealand
  • speak English as a second language
  • are 16 years or older and not attending school

Complete the form above, and our staff will contact you to help you start learning as soon as possible.

About English Language Partners

We have 22 centres and teach over 7,000 students in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our English courses help people feel welcome and settle into everyday life and work here.

We are not-for-profit, and all our courses are free or low cost for former refugees and migrants.

Sidra Smaism


I particularly wanted to improve my spoken English, so I could talk to customers. I wouldn’t have been able to do that before I did the course, I would have been too shy.

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