Volunteer Nana Jill goes the extra mile


To celebrate National Volunteer Week, we’re sharing Jill and Ajidah’s story. Jill’s one of our inspiring volunteers who taught English during NZ’s strict Level 4 lockdown. Ajidah’s her learner.

Jill is based at our Palmerston North centre. Like many of our amazing volunteer ESOL home tutors,  she didn’t let the Covid-19 lockdown situation prevent her from tutoring Ajidah, her learner. Ajidah is a very motivated learner and was keen to keep their sessions going in any way possible.

ajidah's family - volunteering with ELPNZ

Each week they had tutoring sessions using WhatsApp, and Jill dropped homework worksheets into Ajidah’s mailbox for her to complete.

The family were really excited to receive worksheets in the letterbox!

At one point, Ajidah’s internet was cut off because they couldn’t go into town during lockdown to pay the monthly account. Jill tried to talk them through the process of paying over the phone, but with no success. So Ajidah dropped the invoice and the money into Jill’s letterbox and then Jill paid this on their behalf.

Just a typical example of how our amazing volunteers ‘go the extra mile’ for their learners.

Jill’s next task involved getting the newly-arrived school computer to work for Ajidah’s son.

Ajidah’s children now call Jill ‘Nana’ and it is a very reciprocal relationship. They love to see Nana arrive because she often has a little ‘treat’ in her bag!

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