Views on a ‘Mystery Trip’

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‘Out of class’ adventures are a terrific way to practise and consolidate English learnt in class.

Plus, they’re heaps of fun and a chance for newer Kiwis to explore more of their new country.

These Auckland learners had no idea of their trip’s destination, but Andrew Barron, our North Shore centre manager,  says they hugely enjoyed the language-learning experience.

Andrew says the outing was really valuable.

“The close encounter with NZ’s natural flora and fauna at Centennial Park also included some vital information on what’s edible and what’s poisonous!”

The centre is keen to share some of their learners’ reflections on taking this leap of faith. “They’ve written in English, of course, which is another great outcome,” says Andrew. He says their teacher Elena did a great job getting the outdoor lesson and all the activities organised.

“I’d also like to say thanks to the classmates for sharing their thoughts and their writing work so generously with us.”

‘Out of class’ adventures with English Language Partners
‘Out of class’ adventures with English Language Partners


On last Tuesday, I had a mysterious trip in the Centennial park under the guidance of Elena.

The park is tree-lined and has a beautiful environment. Every road has clear and simple sign post. There are also benches, picnic tables and chairs, which are very convenient.

Through the Elena’s explanation, I learned about the meaning of the Pill box and its role in World War II.

Under the guidance of Elena, I observed all kinds of facilities and equipment in the park, which enabled me to understand many details that I would not normally notice. I also gained some knowledge about plants and insects.

I learned a lot from this mysterious trip. I like this park very much. Next time I will bring my family together.


It was an excellent trip. There were a lot of treasures that made us curious. We had a great time looking at the bushes, feeling the nature and learning new words. I felt once more that there are many places around us where we can learn English.

‘Out of class’ adventures with English Language Partners writing
‘Out of class’ adventures with English Language Partners writing
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