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Training for a Class 2 licence can be hard for former refugees, but Mohammad Shah says English Language Partners’ course preparing English learners to take the test is helpful for people who’ve not had much education experience.


“You can learn the necessary English on the English Language Partners’ course,” says Palmerston North’s Mohammad Shah bin Mohammad Sharif. “And you can also learn the New Zealand transport system.” Mohammad is one of three classmates who passed their Class 2 Truck Licence, and is now looking forward to getting a job as a truck driver.

Alam Rahimi, who was successful too, says it would be difficult to do the official training directly, but doing it after the English Language Partner's (ELP) course made it much easier.

Alam found learning about safety issues and road signs useful, including road safety and securing loading on trucks.

 “Practising my English helped prepare for the Truck Training and Licensing Services Ltd (TTLS) training and the learner licence class 2 test,” he says. “The course also added to my English vocabulary.”  

Amin Ullah bin Shafi Ullah, who also passed, says it was good to do the ELP preparation lessons for the Truck Class 2 before the actual training with TTLS. “It’s hard to learn everything in just one course,” he says.

“You must memorise so much,” Amin says. “Studying the topics more than once is helpful, as you need to study not only the information, but the relevant English too.”

 Amin appreciated ELP’s help so much he’s already invited a friend to take the course!


Next Palmerston North training course details:

Date 5 March – 26 March 2022 

Day & Time Saturdays, 9.00 am – 1.30pm (30 min lunch break) 

Location 44 King Street, Palmerston North 

Requirements: Full Class 1 (car) licence for 6 months and minimum age 18 years 

For more information about the next course, contact our Palmerston North centre.

44 King Street, Palmerston North, Phone 06 359 2332, Email palmerstonnorth@englishlanguage.org.nz

Photo: Amin Ullah bin Shafi Ullah; Alam Rahimi; Mohammad Shah bin Mohammad Sharif

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