Sketching ideas bitesize with Meg!

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Meg Melvin is a professional sketch-noter who visited ELP Wellington to teach the art of sketch noting.

Meg uses sketch noting as a tool for her work with various clients, to learn, share ideas and solve problems. Sketch noting can also be used as a teaching tool as a way of telling a story. As with writing or telling a story, you need to have a when, who, where, how and why, and also a beginning, middle and end!

To begin with, Meg took us through the basic shapes we need to know how to draw: circle, square, triangle and lines (squiggly, straight etc). Then we learnt how to draw stick figures in various states of action. Meg then conveyed the learner’s stories through sketch noting and following this demonstration the learners had the chance to draw their stories through sketch noting.

sketchability-classroom visit 002

It is a great tool to use in the classroom and gives all learners the opportunity to tell a story through pictures rather than writing or speaking. This technique is very useful to help us visually see the sequence of a story and is especially great for those kinesthetic learners! As Meg says on her website: Learn to Sketch your Ideas is a bitesize, one hour, hands-on learning session which is suitable for all staff or team members. It helps demonstrate why visual works and encourages folks to pick up the pen and get started.

Meg has kindly offered to revisit the Summer class and sketch note the cultural identity of each learner. She is also facilitating a workshop for our teachers to help them use this valuable tool in their teaching. Thanks so much Meg, and to our teacher Bridget Porter, for introducing us to this wonderful activity.

Learn more about Meg and Sketchability

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