‘Let’s talk about it’ – multilingually speaking!

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Guests of our Rotorua centre’s ‘end-of-year’ 2020 celebration were treated to a dazzling display of musical skills.

Entertained by a class member and her fellow band members, delighted learners, their families, teachers, volunteers and special guests tapped their feet to the music and totally enjoyed the festive vibe.

A wonderful welcome speech was given, karakia kai was said in multiple languages and food was shared in the true spirit of harmony.

Guests appreciated hearing from Mayor Steve Chadwick who also spoke at the event

The event wrapped up with wishes for a safe and happy festive season in over ten languages!

The event was smoothly put together by classmates of English Language Partner’s ‘Let’s talk about it’ course. The graduates discovered the intricacies of event planning as they worked as a team to organise the event. For these intermediate and advance learners, it was a great way to extend their English skills, under the guidance of teacher Betsy Boeijen.

“We are so proud of our brave learners and very grateful!” says Anna Hayes, centre manager.

ELP Rotorua centre’s ‘end-of-year’ 2020 celebration

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