Kiwi cooking class, a food and English-learning combo!

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Our last ‘Kiwi Cooking’ class was very special, as people grabbed the opportunity to learn how to make a ‘Kiwi Lunch Box’, a challenge for many migrant parents.


Samira's our amazing teacher on the North Shore, and gets full credit for her excellent work running this ever-popular class. “It’s a class for people who love nourishing, hearty meals and are brave enough to upskill their cooking skills!” she says.


As a fully trained professional chef and qualified English teacher, Samira brings fantastic recipes together with English learning. She says learners studied classic Kiwi recipes and got to use seasonal ingredients in different dishes. “It’s going really well,” she says. “I think the cooking class can't get any better!”


Learners follow along with her tutorial over Zoom, producing outstanding food in their own kitchens.


After class, learners share photos and any feedback from family members. Here’s a sampling of what they say:

ELP baking class food montage
  • Delicious! Much, much better than what I bought from the shop.
  • Thank you. We all do well because we have a great teacher.
  • I like the cake. I will make it again
  • My son loved the salad
  • Very yummmm!!
  • My family loves them. Thanks!


Samira plans to continue the lunch box project and to include dishes from other cultures that are popular and loved in New Zealand. “As the weather gets colder, we’re also excited to cook some exciting warm winter recipes.”


We’re so proud of our fantastic learners and grateful for having Samira as an English Language Partners’ teacher!

Thanks to North Shore centre's course Coordinator, Joanne Lee, for this story.

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English Language Groups

  • 2-4 hours per week
  • Learn Kiwi English in a class
  • Learn about New Zealand culture
  • Go on day trips
  • Meet other people in your community
  • Qualified teachers
  • Fees may apply. Ask at your centre.
  • In all centres

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