Celebrating Adult Learners & Maori Language Weeks with Porirua College

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This year we combined the celebration of both Adult Learners and Maori Language Weeks, to enable our new Kiwi adult learners to experience some core Tikangaga Maori and Te Reo Maori.  

To do this we collaborated with Porirua College to spend spending an afternoon with their students on the Ko te Hapori – Matauranga Maori programme

As newcomers to the Ko te Hapori – Matauranga Maori programme, we were given a full Powhiri and were very proud to be able to reply with the song Te Aroha. To finish off our welcome we mingled and shared food, before being taught two very important cultural practices…Haka and Rakau.

Everyone spread out into four lines, with ELP students and Porirua College students alternating along a line for teaching purposes, and we were taught the history of the local (most commonly used) Haka by senior students on the programme, and then taught the song and actions.  All of our learners participated, but some of the guys were completely engaged and laughter was rampant.

Following this very energetic activity, some of the learners stayed behind to learn a song that had rakau (sticks) used in accompaniment.  Again, the laughter and smiles were beyond beautiful, and it was incredible how quickly our learners picked up the activity.

This would have to have been one of the most enjoyable school outings that we have had…as evidence by the engagement and laughter.  We cannot thank ACE Aotearoa (for funding), Porirua College, the Ko te Hapori – Matauranga Maori students, teaching team Whaea Matekino Matthews, and Matua Tapeni Simmons, and Coordinator Juliet Kennedy, enough for helping us to have this experience…a fantastic welcome, plenty of engagement, and sharing their culture and skills.

We are really looking forward to further engagement.

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English Language Groups

  • 2-4 hours per week
  • Learn Kiwi English in a class
  • Learn about New Zealand culture
  • Go on day trips
  • Meet other people in your community
  • Qualified teachers
  • Fees may apply. Ask at your centre.
  • In all centres

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