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English Language Partners’ people are firmly rooted in sharing cultures and growing strong communities. We just do it through English learning and teaching…

On a typically windy Wellington day, ELP’s Strathmore class, an ‘English Language Group’, were treated to an Ethiopian coffee ceremony by Askale Feleke.

Askale started by roasting the aromatic beans, and the smell of spices, flora and wine wafted through the classroom. Next, she brewed coffee in a traditional Ethiopian pot called a jebena and served it in small cups called si’ni.

The smell was intoxicating! To accompany the coffee, we were treated to some delicious freshly made Ethiopian bread – still warm from the oven.

Askale Feleke has been living in Strathmore for 18 months and coming along to the English Language Group (ELG) for two years.

She loves living in Strathmore and, apart from coming to the class, Askale’s become involved in the local community centre. She goes to the weekly Wednesday dinners with her two children and a mask making group.

With her endearing, sparkly personality, Askale was a perfect candidate for a community-run video project called ‘People of Strathmore’. The video was launched this month at the Roxy Cinema in Miramar. It’s a heartfelt video shining a light on the richness and diversity of the Strathmore Park community.

View Askale’s ‘People of Strathmore’ video online  

Askale’s wonderful ELG teachers, Bridget Porter and Šárka Schumann, accompanied her to the launch.


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English Language Groups

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