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Learn English, make friends

Learn English for everyday life in your community. Communicate with confidence and meet other people in your neighbourhood. We offer a range of class times, venues and levels, taught by qualified teachers.

Learn in class

Join a class in your community and learn Kiwi English for your everyday life.

Classes are focussed on the needs of learners – so no two classes are the same.

Contact your local centre to find out more.

Wide range of classes available

Each centre offers a variety of programmes catering for all levels and needs.

Class times are flexible, and range from two to 20 hours a week.

Contact us today to find out more.


Can I learn English with English Language Partners?

You can learn English if you:

The manager will talk to you about the programmes available.

How much would it cost?

Many of our programmes are free. There is a small cost for some of our classes. Ask at your English Language Partners’ centre.

What will I learn?

You will learn the English you need to live independently in New Zealand. Our programmes help people with daily life, to find work and to communicate well in a Kiwi workplace. You can also learn about Kiwi culture.

Want to learn English with us?

Join a class and learn the English you need for life in New Zealand.

Testimonials from our learners

How real learners have found their experience

Anggi Putri

"I really love my life now compared to before I started learning English. My life improving a lot in many aspect. I can do everything I want without any worried about communicate in English."

Nor Aini

"Before I can't speak English, and now I can speak a little bit, because my teacher is a very nice teacher and she understands me for everything."

Roger Feng


"Now I have local topics I can talk with others, and I like reading the local news. I feel like I am part of it."

Xu Huang


"Learning English at English Language Partners make me more confidence and more positive."

Pa Teauarai

"It made me want to learn more so I can teach my kids English. I share my homework with them too."