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Learn English with a tutor at home

Home-based learning with a trained tutor to learn the Kiwi English and culture you need for life here in New Zealand.
Each lesson is designed to help you progress at your own speed.

English for Migrants (PELT*)

This programme is for people who pre-paid Immigration New Zealand for English lessons before they arrived in the country. An experienced, qualified teacher visits your home for lessons. You can decide on your personal learning goals with your teacher.  Each lesson is designed to help you progress at your own speed.

*Pre-purchased English Language Tuition 

Contact your local centre to find out more.

ESOL Home Tutoring

A trained volunteer visits you at home for about one hour each week. You can learn Kiwi English and more about our cultures for your life here in New Zealand. You can decide on your personal learning goals with your teacher.  Each lesson is designed to help you progress at your own speed.

Contact your local centre to find out more.


Who will teach me?

English for Migrants teachers are qualified ESOL teachers.

ESOL home tutors are trained volunteers who are fluent in English.

When are lessons?

English for Migrants You can decide lesson times with your tutor. This is usually from 1.5 to 2 hours and most students have two lessons each week.

ESOL Home Tutoring Lessons are for one hour each week with your tutor. The time will suit you and your tutor.

What will I learn?

Tell your tutor what you want to learn. They will make a programme with you. Lessons are designed to help you with everyday life and work in New Zealand.

For example, things like getting a driver’s licence or making an appointment to see the doctor. You can also learn about your town or city and about ‘Kiwi’ culture.

The tutor will bring teaching resources to the lesson.

How long will I have a tutor?

English for Migrants You can study for as long as you have tuition money
available. We recommend that your first contract is for a minimum
of 26 hours.

ESOL Home Tutoring Your tutor will teach you for six months. After six months, if a tutor is available, you can have more lessons. Some learners have another tutor. Some learners continue with the same tutor.

How much will it cost?

English for Migrants costs $80.00 per hour (incl. GST).
There is also an administration fee for each contract (check with your centre).

ESOL Home Tutoring is free for citizens and residents.

Want to learn English at home?

Want to learn English with us?
Please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help!

What They Say

What real learners say about their experience

Gulchehra Bawari

“Thanks Sunita Mahat, Maddy Harper and English Language Partners for helping us. When I first came my English was not good. I remember I was at the bus stop, and a lady talked to me about the weather. “Oh today is lovely weather”. But I didn’t know how to answer. I left the bus stop. After that, if I saw someone at the bus stop I would never go to the bus stop. Now my English is good. If I see someone in the bus stop I try to talk about the weather or Wellington."

Xing Mao

“I am always thinking about how I can grow the business. Perhaps I can become the caterer for future English Language Partners’ events!”

Larissa Mastakova

"Every problem we had and we still have, we first call Annie. We had this bond from the beginning. She is a wonderful friend, our New Zealand 'mother'."