English for Migrants (PELT*)

This programme is for people who pre-paid Immigration New Zealand for English lessons before they arrived in the country. (*Pre-purchased English Language Tuition)

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Pre-purchased English Language Tuition

As a part of their residency requirements, some migrants are required to pay English language tuition fees to Immigration New Zealand before arriving in New Zealand.

Our English for Migrants programme (or PELT/Pre-purchased English Language Tuition) is for learners who have pre-purchased English language tuition through the New Zealand Immigration Services.

ELPNZ is contracted by the Tertiary Education Commission to offer this programme.

Tuition is available on a one-to-one basis taught by a qualified paid ESOL teacher in the learner’s home.

A qualified English language teacher visits your home for lessons. Lessons take place once per week, usually for about an hour. You can decide on your personal learning goals with your teacher. Each lesson is designed to help you progress at your own speed.

The English for Migrants Home Teacher service is just one of many options PELT learners can use their PELT funds on. Group tuition in English Language Groups and ESOL Intensive programmes is also an option.

Further information about the PELT programme, including translations, can be found here.

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How much does it cost?

Many of our programmes are free. There is a small cost for some of our classes.If you are a PELT student, your class course cost and admin fee will be deducted from the money you pre-paid Immigration New Zealand for English lessons (PELT).  Ask at your English Language Partners’ centre.

When are the lessons?

If you choose to learn at home, you can decide lesson times with your teacher. This is usually from 1.5 to 2 hours and most students have two lessons each week.

How long can I learn for?

English for Migrants You can study for as long as you have tuition money available. We recommend that your first contract is for a minimum of 26 hours.

Once you have used your Pre-purchased English Language Tuition money, you can consider joining another English class with ELP - as long as you are a New Zealand resident or citizen, classes are FREE to join!

What will I learn?

If you decide to learn at home through our English for Migrants Home Teacher programme, you can discuss with your teacher what you want to learn. They will make a programme with you. Lessons are designed to help you with everyday life and work in New Zealand.

For example, things like getting a driver’s licence or making an appointment to see the doctor. You can also learn about your town or city and about ‘Kiwi’ culture.

The teacher will bring teaching resources to the lesson.

If you choose to use your PELT tuition money to join a class, we have many different English class options available, for all levels and needs.

You can join the English for Migrants programme if you:

  • have pre-purchased English language tuition through the New Zealand Immigration Services
  • live in New Zealand
  • are a New Zealand resident visa holder or citizen
  • speak English as a second language
  • are 16 years or older

About English Language Partners

We have 22 centres and teach over 7,000 students in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our English courses help people feel welcome and settle into everyday life and work here.

We are not-for-profit, and all our courses are free or low cost for former refugees and migrants.

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