Some things I have achieved this year


Taranaki-based Doris Ryder is originally from Taiwan. She’s sharing her considerable 2018 achievements with us on International Migrants Day (18 December).

We’ve really enjoyed working with Doris to help her find her feet and to achieve some of her dreams!  

Since I moved to New Zealand, it has been hard for me to find a job, and I didn’t have enough confidence, I felt I was uneducated and I have been wanting to go study for long time. So, I started studying this year.

Before I could do study, I had to pass IELTS exam, I had my English tutor Phillipa to help me to prepare IELTS exam. I was glad I passed my IELTS exam, my score was 6.5.

After IELTS exam, I was able to study at WITT. I studied bakery course Level 3 and I just completed the course last month. I finished top of the class.

I also started my small own business selling my hand-made dumplings. Dumplings are a traditional food in my culture. I want to share dumplings with my family, friends and community.

Thank you!!

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