Putting learning into action at Bunnings Porirua

ESOL Literacy

ESOL Literacy 2 visited Bunnings Porirua in September.

Bunnings run fantastic community projects…. Jackie (Activities Organiser, Bunnings Porirua) had money boxes all set for us to assemble upon our arrival. Following verbal instructions, and

esol literacy trip to bunnings

with the use of the tools provided, we hammered our money boxes together then painted them up and went to town with the glitter! Very therapeutic! Plenty of verbal instructions to follow, asking for and responding to requests for the passing of tools, teamwork, problem solving and even more new vocabulary than anticipated.

Upon completion of the money boxes, the students then had to participate in a scavenger hunt around the store. Prior to our visit we had delved into the various departments of the Bunnings store. During class time we worked in small groups to name a few items from the different departments. After securing the pronunciation of these items students (in turn) shared short presentations on powerpoint to show their items and share their new vocabulary. At Bunnings we re-visited a print off of these slides and ran through each groups vocabulary again.

Prior to dispersing off about the store we discussed the signage – department signs, aisle numbers and lists of key items. Students then set off about the store looking for their group items and photographing them on their phones. Students then returned to me, scrolled through their photographs while saying the items names as they went.

This was a really beneficial and successful trip to Bunnings, and was highly enjoyed by all! Bunnings were amazing…thanks so much to them! WE have a second trip to Bunnings planned for November to coincide with teaching about gardening…and we will make planter boxes.

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ESOL Literacy

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