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Lots of people got their hands clean, and then dirty again during the hands-on cooking demonstration which was part of our New Kiwis Health and Wellbeing classes at English Language Partners recently.

Sweet and savoury taste preferences were catered for as some willing sous-chefs in the making were called to help with chocolate truffles (without butter, sugar or malt biscuits) and making hummus from scratch. The food talk was one part of the popular well-being workshops which are led by Katrina from Sport Manawatu and Jacqui of Manawatu Horowhenua Tararua Diabetes Trust. They’ve been held each year at English Language Partners for the last three years.

During the previous week, some learners and teachers at ELP slept just a little more soundly at night. And during the day others have groaned and pulled a few faces when moving their arms or walking about, but it’s all for very good reasons! As well as having healthy cooking lessons, participants have been learning to strengthen their muscles and joints using exercise bands, and warming up with gentle winter cardio exercise (cunningly disguised as fun and dance) at the Sport Manawatu workshops being held at ELP in July and August.

Also in the first session, Jacqui drew on learners’ pre-existing knowledge of diabetes during group discussions. Next, using slides and models of cells, she talked about blood sugar, insulin, and how the different body organs work together. Jacqui finished by asking the class to sort actions like having a blood test, drinking water, and eating lots of sugar, based on whether they were ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in relation to diabetes. At the end, Jacqui kindly provided an enthusiastically received huge but healthy morning tea.

As well as cooking and exercise, a session focussed entirely on stress. First there was a brainstorm where learners were asked about how they feel when stressed, and then how they relieve stress. Afterwards, techniques to relieve stress were demonstrated, with a focus particularly on belly breathing and visualisation. A clinical psychologist also addressed the group. At the end, everyone was surprised and delighted by a lucky dip bag that contained gifts for everyone. Thanks, Jacqui!

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Comments from the participants:

‘It’s good to drink water, not juice!’.

‘I really liked learning the chicken dance’.

‘I learned how to make date balls in the blender – very nice”.

‘I now use my exercise band every morning!’.

‘I like the exercise and dancing, make me laugh!’

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