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We are very proud to share this piece of writing from Northland learner Thu Nguyen.

Thu is enrolled in three different classes  at our Northland centre, and working hard on her English, especially her reading and writing, as she has a long-term goal to complete a nursing degree. We think this is a great example of Thu’s excellent English progress, and shows what can be done with a bit of hard work! Her writing also shows the value of our fun and informative class trips into the community.

“Native Bird Recovery Central is located inside the Kiwi North in Whangarei. It is a place for injured birds to get well and also a home for unfortunate native birds that are never recovered in order to go back to their own habitat.

The place is run by a team of volunteer staffs who are not only compassion about the New Zealand native birds but also are willing to devote their free time to look after the nature. It is a free entrance to visit but they are much appreciated for giving donation which could help toward to the cost of providing foods for thousands of rescued birds each year as well as the fee to improve unit facilities.

Today, a group of ten people from English Language Partners visited the place and was hosted by Wendy for touring, she is one of volunteer staff members.

Starting point from the residence zone of some native birds, Wendy told us there are some injured birds who had a long-term damage such as missing one leg, one eye blind ( the Tui ) wont be able to survive in the wild forest, therefore they become permanent residents here. They are well looked after by loving-caring staff who have a sense of animals by listening and talking to them every day.

The birds have balance nutrition in their diets with a variety of fruits as well as protein such as raw red meat. Their caves are cleaned, dry, fully fences and very well maintenance. One of the addition factors that I fell in love with this place is the location. It stays on top of the hill and is surrounding by a spectacular view from the mix of farmlands, mountains and forests which creates a beautiful place to visit while enjoying the nature as well as acknowledge the bird’s education.

Following the tour, Wendy took us to the information center in front of the birds’ hospital. Many stuffed native birds are displayed on the ceiling of the office who used to be the residents in this area before they died. Throughout the collection, we heard many amazing stories about those birds during their lives in the past. This is also a place for school students educated about New Zealand native birds in order to protect the environment. After the visits, they often left many posters about bird’s information behind which also contain compliments of the service. Besides native birds, there are also other predator animals displayed.

Finally, we were honour to have a chance which could be the only time in our entire life to touch a real live kiwi. She was got hit by a car accident recently and has an injured leg. Luckily the patience was out of the danger and on the full recovery process hopefully. Despite how the kiwi felt annoy by being force to wake up, all of us, the excited human, were so please to feel her special smooth furs. Wendy took her back to rest as soon as she had a sign of upsetting. It was so cute and joyful moment to everyone.

If I hadn’t been to the Native Bird today, I wouldn’t have understood about the process of saving animals behind the scene.

The trip is a wakeup call about mindful to the nature, an opportunity to recognize and protect our native birds. It is least but not last, I am really admired all the works that wonderful people have done to support our community.

Thanks you for your kindness!"

Also thanks for English Language Partners had organized this activity to help new migrants to have a clear picture about New Zealand’s environment. It is a good way to contribute solution to the prevention of animal extinction.

– Thu Nguyen

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