Problems with communication in your multicultural workplace?

English For Employees


Do you explain something or give instructions only to find half an hour later, that no one is doing what you asked?

Do health and safety near misses go unreported?

Do you sometimes hear the sound of crickets instead of participation in toolbox meetings?


English Language Partners! Workplace English lessons and cross-cultural communication is our speciality. We offer training programmes tailored to the difficulties you are experiencing in your multicultural workplace.

It’s not only language, it’s also culture. Did you know in some countries, workers never say they ‘don’t understand’ the boss?

So thinking about our way of saying and doing things can make people more aware of misunderstandings at work. For example, when you say: “Do you mind doing that report by Tuesday?”  the appropriate answer is not “Well actually, yes, I do mind”!

Employees training to improve their English also learn the meaning behind our everyday words and more about the way we do things at work.

We can work directly with both managers and staff, to help YOUR business run smoothly.


Improved communication can help your business and its staff, whether they are existing or recent recruits.

  • Better health and safety reporting and decreased risks
  • Increased productivity and minimising of mistakes
  • Better integration of migrant staff and improved staff morale.

Get in touch with us to talk about the specific needs of your business and how we can tailor a programme to best respond.

We also arrange cross-cultural training at the staff management level to assist managers with communicating effectively across a multicultural workforce.

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