Meaningful employment – a long and challenging journey

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Marcelo Klein Vieira, from Brazil, settled in New Zealand with his wife and son.

Marcelo was delighted to be selected by the Callaghan Innovation Center for a Senior Business Analyst position. He started his fixed-term job in late April 2020, but his job search began in February last year.

He invested a lot of time to get “The Offer” for his dream job and is understandably very proud of his achievement. Especially after 400 hours of job-seeking that included approaching 40 agencies, submitting 55 applications, attending 15 interviews and initiating 60 follow up emails or phone calls – before finally receiving the offer!

Marcelo focused on shaping his profile to make sure his skills were attractive to New Zealand employers.

He says the support he received from English Language Partner’s (ELP) Wellington’s Job Mentoring Service (JMS) had a very real impact on the tone of his interviews and helped to increase his communication skills. He attended their Monday network and support meetings run by JMS and met with his volunteer Job Mentor on a regular basis.

He also volunteered for Volunteering New Zealand, took part in job-related seminars and events and studied English at the Community Education Centre (Wellington High School).

A lot of people helped Marcelo in different ways. His family’s encouragement sustained him throughout this time and his wife Gisele and son Thomas gave him the energy and stamina to bear his challenge.

The success came by combining this factor with the knowledge and kindness provided by the English Language Partners’ team.

Marcelo says he couldn’t have achieved this throughout without their support and thanks the whole team.

The Job Mentoring Service offered by ELP Wellington and the support provided by coordinator Olga Smith and her volunteer job mentors is invaluable, especially in these challenging times.

Need help with your job search?  Contact our Job Mentoring Service Coordinator at English Language Partners Wellington, jobmentor.wellington@englishlanguage.org.nz



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