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Following six weeks of learning the New Zealand Road Code with English Language Partners, learners can complete the Road Code theory test in class, thanks to portable testing offered by VTNZ.

English Language Partners is piloting the portable testing at the conclusion of the ESOL Road Code course it offers, in a move that will enable learners to complete the test in a supportive and familiar environment.

Pilot in Palmerston North

The first portable theory testing with English Language Partners took place in its Palmerston North Centre in late March. Excitement filled the classroom as learners prepared to take the test, revising the road code with a teacher.

The VTNZ portable theory testing unit is compact and fully moveable so within an hour all the equipment was set up and ready to go.

With identification in hand, learners also underwent eye screening and licence photos, completing the entire process in class.

“I am very happy I got my learner licence. I like it, I can sit the test straight after class.” says Oman Mohamad Sediq, who passed the first time.

Learners who failed the first time could re-sit the test, with many then succeeding the second time.

“The first time, I was so nervous and I felt excited to finish this test and pass. But, unfortunately, I got four wrong the first time” says Sharifah Mohammad Yunus.

“I was devastated but I got a second chance and I passed with one wrong.”

Driving Success

For many learners, driving is an important part of settling, working and succeeding in New Zealand. Being able to complete the test in class removes barriers involved in booking and traveling to under take the test. The flexibility of the testing also allows for language interpreters to assist learners.

Nattida Srisook didn’t know any rules about driving in New Zealand, but when she discovered English Language Partner’s ESOL Road Code course, believed it would be useful to study in-class. The classroom also provided the ideal environment to take the test.

“I have time to think in a quiet classroom before answering the questions. I was nervous to start off with, but I passed the test 33/35” says Nattida.

Jess Yap, Centre Manager at the English Language Partners Palmerston North Centre, believed the pilot was a success and an all-round positive experience for learners.

“You could see the joy and happiness in their face when they passed the test” says Jess.

“It’s time-saving and convenient for all concerned. It’s an added boost to the learner’s confidence doing the test in a familiar environment.”

English Language Partners is continuing the VTNZ portable theory testing, incorporating it into ESOL Road Code courses held in centres across New Zealand.

For more information on VTNZ Portable Theory Testing: https://vtnz.co.nz/portable-theory-testing

For more information on ESOL Road Code offered by English Language Partners: https://www.englishlanguage.org.nz/our-programmes

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