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Our learner Takako shares her thoughts on learning English with ELP Wellington.

My name is Takako. I’m from Japan. I have been in New Zealand for 10 months. Previously I lived in Wellington from 2000 to 2004. I enjoyed living here as I like the lifestyle in NZ so I came back! I’m now a student in ELP Wellington’s ESOL Intensive class and I also have a volunteer ESOL home tutor.

Japanese English student Takaka demonstrates her yoga

I really want to have confidence to talk in English with other people and improve my English. My friend told me about English Language Partners and I visited the Wellington centre where people were helpful and made a good schedule for me, so I decided to take this opportunity. I feel that I am progressing steadily towards my goal of teaching yoga here.

I like the style of English teaching, and my home tutor and teacher teach me with passion and a warm heart. They teach us things that we want to learn and it is very useful for daily life. They are always helpful, encourage us and are thinking about us. My home tutor is teaching me really useful words for yoga instruction like body parts and body movement.

My goal is that I want to teach yoga in English and provide a yoga class that anyone can enjoy, not just for people who have experienced yoga before. I was encouraged to teach a mini yoga session for my ESOL Intensive class and a yoga session for the ELP Wellington and Interpreting NZ team.  This opportunity was a great way to practise my English for yoga and everyone really appreciated the chance to unwind and stretch during their working day!

Now I am teaching a yoga class at the Newtown Community Centre near where I live and the class is taught in Japanese. I feel much more confident as I had to find a venue and ask the centre to promote my class on their Facebook page.

I like it here because New Zealand people are very friendly and respective of other cultures. Also there are many good services for immigrants to help them become more independent!

There are so many reasons to improve your English! Contact your nearest centre to discuss how we can help YOUR English skills!

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