How English Language Partners changed my life – my story of learning as an adult


It is not so easy to be an immigrant and come to live in another country which is so different from your own.

English Language Partners do an amazing job helping people to overcome communication and cultural barriers.

As immigrants, we experience a lot of difficulties to integrate into a new society. The language barrier is one of
the major problems, especially for people who came from non-English speaking countries – and I am one of them.

I’m from Belarus, and my personal journey of studying English in New Zealand started six years ago when my family and I came to live in Whangarei. Being a medical professional (GP) overseas, I needed to sit the IELTS test in order to be registered here in New Zealand. Therefore I went to English Language Partners Northland, seeking help and support, and I found it there.

Their professional, thorough and individual approach to every student helped me to develop my English to the level of being capable of communicating freely with others, of obtaining my Bachelor Degree in Nursing, starting a postgraduate degree at the University of Auckland, and even being published in Kai Tiaki, the New Zealand Nursing Journal.

However, studying English is hard work for me every day, and English Language Partners was supporting me a lot during the long period of time by providing me with IELTS preparative courses and personal tutors for writing and speaking.

I am very grateful for your support during my English studying journey as well as supporting many other immigrants for who your help was indispensable in breaking down the language barrier and making an integration to New Zealand society easier.

Great job guys! Thank you from the whole of my heart.

With kindest regards,
Victoria Ioffik

My 2017 article in ‘Kai Tiaki’: ‘Fostering positive emotions and improving health: individual emotions, social relationships and our emotional environment all have a strong influence on our personal health and the health of those around us.’


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