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Marcela and Ana are from South America and joined English Language Partners’ English for Employees class this year. They say the class has been very helpful – especially for their new business.

Marcela and Ana started Peacock Event & Function Hire in December 2017 after seeing a business opportunity when helping to organise a friend’s wedding.

They wanted to offer more choices and flexibility to cater for personalised needs. They work closely with other local businesses so that photography, florists, cakes, celebrants, dresses and even flower girls can be arranged.

Marcela says proudly, “We can offer everything – we can also offer advice on design of decoration as well.” Ana says there is a definite difference in preferences between Kiwis and Latinos. “Kiwi people tend to go for neutral colours, so often there are no other choices offered, usually black or white.”

They have organised parties and weddings in the New Plymouth area, with most of their clients finding them by word of mouth. They also promote through a Facebook page, website, and the Latino community. Since Marcela and Ana have family to look after, they would be happy with a couple of weekly bookings. “We would like to build business gradually.”

They are focusing on promotion and developing as a boutique/niche business. The two are currently consulting with a potential Wellington-based client who is organising his wedding in Coromandel.

Girls in Business - EEnglish for Employees teacher

Marcela and Ana say the English for Employees class helped them to learn Kiwi business culture including Kiwi slang, business phrases, and business email. They both feel that learning to use more ‘polite’ or ‘indirect’ expressions was an important lesson in dealing with Kiwi customers. Ana describes the different approach between Peru and New Zealand: “We just say open the window in my country instead of asking “do you mind if I open the window?”

Their teacher Phillipa Watt delivers tailor-made units for people in business, including professionally written correspondence, NZ business culture and ethics, different business structures. She has also researched successful businesswomen in New Zealand.

Peacock Event & Function Hire www.peacockhire.com

If you are looking to improve your English for the New Zealand workplace, our English for Employees course is for you!


  • 2-4 hours per week (45-hour course, flexible hours)
  • For people with a job (full-time, part-time, casually/seasonally or self-employed)
  • Improve your workplace English
  • Qualified teachers
  • Small classes
  • For New Zealand citizens and residents
  • Free programme
  • In all centres (except Taupo)
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