Cho’s learning English online, while growing a family and a beautiful garden

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With seven children and a husband in the family bubble, Cho Aye Than Aye isn’t short of things to do during lockdown.

She’s kept busy cooking three meals a day for nine, cleaning her Palmerston North house and keeping a beautiful garden.

While there’s abundant fresh fruit and vegetables in her garden, Cho walks to the dairy to get essential food items for the family.

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On top of this, Cho attends online classes with English Language Partners and enjoys chatting with her teacher and ELP’s staff via messenger. With such a busy life, it’s amazing that Cho, originally from Myanmar,  has found the time to squeeze in learning English.

Helen Van Den Ende, Cho’s teacher says Cho’s taken to e-learning well, using it to study English during lockdown.

“She’s always tried to do a little extra work beyond class to practise writing and spelling,” says Helen.

Cho’s also active on the British Council website, where she practises vocabulary: writing the words in a book, photographing them and sending to the class ‘chat page’ for comment.

“During Zoom classes she’s a very present and active learner and a real treat to have in class,” says Helen.

Last week, the class were given a homework task to video their gardens and talk about what they are growing.

While most learners sent in one video, Cho sent in three describing her extensive vegetable and flower garden.

“It’s been great to see Cho adapt to digital learning so easily, learning ways she can develop her language and digital skills.”

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