Awatapu College Market Day

ESOL Literacy

Learners had a wonderful time showcasing their ethnic clothing and culinary cuisine at Awatapu's College Market Day - highlighting the 'Festival of Cultures' week.

The ESOL Literacy class learners participated in the organisation of food, creating and printing labels using computers and speaking to Awatapu College students. They learned new words and phrases, were excited to take part, and the mood after was positive.

One learner, Passang, worked to serve and engage with college students right from the beginning, and had to be encouraged to look at other stalls while others in the class had their turn using new phrases like “Would you like to try ___?!”

Dhana Pati approached students in the general courtyard area, saying “Only $1.00. Come and try our food!"

It was fun participating in the event.  Thanks, Mary Mathews, Head of International Department of Awatapu College for inviting us to the event.

The day following the Market Day, ELP learners continued to speak about the event and said things like “I am so happy”  and “Some came back a second and third time – they liked our food.”  To have their cultural dishes so appreciated by young teenage students created a real buzz!  There is now shared and individual writing happening to record their Awatapu experience and these sentences will be published by the learners for reading.

Thumbs up for the Awatapu College event to highlight Festival of Cultures week!
ELP learners at the Awatapu Festival of Cultures

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ESOL Literacy

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