A migrant's experience


Taranaki-based Leta Guranda is originally from Romania.

She shares her personal thoughts on migration on International Migrants Day (18 December). English Language Partners hopes Leta does really well in New Zealand. We’re pleased we’re here to help with the settling in process.

As an immigrant in New Zealand, I can say it is never easy to start over in a new country.

As soon as I could, I started to volunteer in different places, taking English language classes, improving my confidence in speaking and trying to get a better understanding of the language and the new culture. Because there is a lot of diversity and culture mixed together this process was made much easier.

Finding “the job” is not always an easy process for everyone. Some have a job-locked visa, or a lack of English level required for the job, or, others just find a new vocation to follow.

I believe the system in New Zealand is fair and I can see this through the large amount of immigrants that have jobs in all different occupations, and many are able to improve their qualifications and education through courses and classes.

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