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Learn in our small, online classes. English for work, everyday life and academic study. Part-time classes taught by qualified teachers. Classes for all levels. Free for residents and citizens.

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Join an online class and improve your English at home.

Online learning is safe and convenient. Classes focus on learning Kiwi English. Connect with others and practise your English.


Upcoming courses:


Reading and Writing online evening courses:

Do you want to use English more confidently in your daily life here in NZ? These 20-hour online evening courses will improve your reading and writing skills by giving you lots of practice and feedback on your work.

Our FREE online Reading and Writing courses will help you to: 

  • read and understand a range of everyday texts
  • find the most important information in the text quickly
  • write more by practising writing emails, texts, online posts and letters
  • understand when to use formal and informal language
  • notice the areas of grammar, punctuation and vocabulary you need to improve

Find out more about our FREE online Reading and Writing courses here



Listening and Speaking online courses:

Do you want to use English more confidently in your daily life here in NZ?
These online classes will improve your listening and speaking skills.

Our FREE online Listening and Speaking classes will help you to:

  • listen for the most important information so you can understand conversations better
  • build your confidence and skills so you can speak up in lots of different situations
  • improve your pronunciation so others can understand you better
  • notice the areas of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary you need to develop
  • understand Kiwis and use a range of vocabulary and everyday expressions

Find out more about our FREE online Listening and Speaking courses here



Academic IELTS online courses:

Our FREE online courses can help you improve your reading and writing skills, prepare for the Academic IELTS writing exam, or prepare you for study in English beyond IELTS.

English Language Partners is offering:

  • Four different 8-week online courses
  • Learn skills and strategies to complete the IELTS exam
  • Practise speaking, listening, reading and writing for the exam
  • Sit mock tests and gain feedback on how to improve your score.
  • Suitable for Upper-Intermediate to Advanced level learners

You MUST be a New Zealand resident visa holder or citizen to join this course.

The Academic IELTS for Tertiary Study courses are FREE for New Zealand resident visa holders.

Find out more about our range of Academic IELTS courses



Online English for Customer Service course:

Free for New Zealand permanent resident visa holders!

The online English for Customer Service class covers:

  • Identify your transferable skills
  • Create a tailored CV and write a cover letter
  • Search for work in the customer service sector
  • Prepare for an interview
  • Understand the NZ workplace culture and talk with your colleagues
  • Talk to customers
  • Deal with requests and enquiries
  • Make suggestions
  • Manage complaints and make apologies
  • Communicate with customers by phone and email and online
  • and much more!

Find out more about the Online English for Customer Service course

Many different courses available

We offer a variety of courses for different levels and needs.
Contact us today and we will help you enrol in a class that works for you.

Contact us today to find out more.


Can I learn English online with English Language Partners?

You can learn online if:

  • you live in New Zealand
  • are a resident or citizen of New Zealand
  • speak English as a second language
  • are 16 years or older and not attending school
  • we have a course that meets your needs

We will talk to you about the courses available.

You cannot learn online if you are on a temporary visa such as a:

  • Working holiday visa
  • Visitor/tourist visa
  • Student visa

How much does it cost?

Our online courses are free to residents and citizens.

What will I learn?

You will learn the English you need to live independently in New Zealand. Our courses help people with daily life, finding work, and future study. We will help you communicate in Kiwi English. You can also learn about Kiwi culture.

What level are classes?

All levels. Courses are from beginner to advanced levels. We assess your level before placing you in a course. If a course at your level is not immediately available, we will place you on a class waitlist.

How many hours each week are courses?

Most of our courses are part-time. Some are two hours each week, other courses are longer – up to 10 hours. You can join more than one class.

How long are courses?

Our courses vary in length. It depends on the course. Many are 8 weeks, others can vary between 2 and 18 weeks long.

Can I study after work?

Yes. We have courses for people who work during the day and want to study in the evening.

Can I study for the IELTS test?

Yes. In some centres. We sometimes offer online IELTS classes too.

Can I study grammar?

Yes. Some courses have a specific grammar focus. Other courses include grammar as part of the course content.

My computer system isn’t very good – can I join?

You need a reliable internet connection, a camera and a microphone.

Want to learn online with us?

Join an online class and learn the English you need for life in New Zealand.

Testimonials from our learners

How real learners have found their experience

Junior Taala

“Once I graduate with my NZCEL L2 certificate, I’ll study computing and maths at Whitereia, before I apply for Police College.”


“Studying NZCEL Level 2 allows us to have choices and future goals.”

Anggi Putri

"I really love my life now compared to before I started learning English. My life improving a lot in many aspect. I can do everything I want without any worried about communicate in English."

Nor Aini

"Before I can't speak English, and now I can speak a little bit, because my teacher is a very nice teacher and she understands me for everything."

Roger Feng


"Now I have local topics I can talk with others, and I like reading the local news. I feel like I am part of it."

Xu Huang


"Learning English at English Language Partners make me more confidence and more positive."

Pa Teauarai

"It made me want to learn more so I can teach my kids English. I share my homework with them too."