Teaching tips and ideas

Resources created in this area by English Language Partners New Zealand are freely available.
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Internet resource suggestions: Using YouTube
Suggestions for using YouTube clips such as Mr Bean, recipes and adverts to teach

Short films on YouTube
A list of useful short films with a brief description of each film. Also ideas for activities for using film to teach English.

Recipes: A sample lesson plan for using YouTube recipe clips (PDF)
A lesson plan for using video clips about two recipes; Banana Bread and Beef Osso bucco.

Interacting with the internet
Ideas for using websites to teach English, google maps, google translate, Pinterest, supermarket and job sites etc. Also a list of useful websites.

Legend: Lesson plan for using TV advert about drink-driving in New Zealand.
Includes discussion activities, a cloze worksheet, and activities with a focus on Kiwi slang.

20 resources you already have
Tips for using everyday resources, e.g. the phone book, junk mail, food etc.

Design a worksheet using WORD
Useful tips for desiging, layout, inserting pictures etc using Microsoft WORD.