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Moving an item (eg. stick figure, household item, car, etc) in a PowerPoint or Word doc

ELP teacher Anna Abbey shares her useful tip for online teaching. Many thanks for your idea Anna!

First view the video demonstrating how Anna delivered the class activity

How to move a stick figure

  1. Open a new Powerpoint or Word document
  2. Copy and paste in a house image or any image that suits your topic (stock images available online, you may encounter a download fee)
  3. Drop in your stick figure (Find the stick figure online)
  4. Right mouse click on your stick figure and select the Wrap text option from the dropdown menu
  5. Select Through as your text wrapping option
  6. Then click on your stick figure to move him around during the online lesson

Homework activity

Anna’s notes

  • Use powerpoint. I find this much easier (than Word), as you can switch between slides. For example, one slide has the names of the rooms. The next slide with the stick figure doesn’t, so students have to remember the names.
  • Text wrapping is also important because it’s much easier to change the size and move it around properly. With text wrapping as Through any background automatically cuts out so you don’t need to do any further editing.  And you may want to select Through as the text wrapping option for the house/image you choose as well. This makes it easier to resize.

Internet resource suggestions: Using YouTube
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Interacting with the internet
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