Ethnic Advisory Group

Ethnic Advisory Group (EAG) members are Kiwis from non-English speaking countries. A member sits on the National Board, and a Board representative is co-opted onto the EAG.  The EAG informs the Chief Executive and National Board on refugee and migrant issues. The EAG was established in 2002.  Read a brief history of the EAG.

Amina Mofassir

Hamilton, from Pakistan

Chuda Ghimirey

Palmerston North, from Bhutan


Rehab Mohamed

Rotorua, from Egypt


Mohammad Hilal

Wellington, from Syria


Grace Ryu

North Shore, from South Korea


Ruchika Jayatilaka

Wellington, from Sri Lanka


Leticia Ferreira Do Nascimento

Wellington, from Brazil

Viva Shao

Wellington, from China