Ethnic Advisory Group

Ethnic Advisory Group (EAG) members are Kiwis from non-English speaking countries. A member sits on the National Board, and a Board representative is co-opted onto the EAG.  The EAG informs the Chief Executive and National Board on refugee and migrant issues. The EAG was established in 2002.  Read a brief history of the EAG.

Bhoj Raj Subba

Bhoj Raj Subba

Hi! I am Bhoj R. Subba from a Gross National Happiness country – Bhutan. I worked in Bhutan, Nepal, and India as a computer teacher and IT consultant for many years.  I came to New Zealand in 2016 and I love New Zealand. I am a workaholic with full dedication. Currently, I am working with English Language Partners, Nelson as CLA and in Nelson Boys’ College as a bilingual teacher. I can speak, read, and write 4 languages – English, Nepali, Hindi, and Tibetian (Dzongkha) and also some of the computer programming languages. I like to sing a song,  play music (guitar and violin) and do paintings. I feel fortunate to be one of the members of the Ethnic Advisory Group of ELP.


Joanne Lee

Joanne LeeI am a coordinator at the ELP North Shore Centre. I have a broad range of work experience in global companies, including various coordination roles. Before migrating to New Zealand, I lived in Seoul, South Korea.

Joanne (Aijuan) Song

Joanne (Aijuan) SongEver since I came to Hawkes Bay from China in 2017 due to family circumstances and got to know ELP, I have benefitted enormously from this organization in my region in Napier. All the beautiful people I have met there have encouraged me, guided me and supported me to explore a new journey in a new country.  This has been helping me start my first job as a worker in a home care centre, my second job as a Mandarin teacher in a local High School and my current job as an administrator in HBDHB (Hawkes Bay District Health Board). Hopefully I can give my contribution back to this nourishing and inclusive organisation at my best.

Ku Reh Nga

Ku Reh NgaMingalaba, I am Ku Reh Nga from the Kayah State in Myanmar and I now live in Porirua with my wife and some of my children.  I have five children and four grandchildren.  I came to New Zealand via a Thailand refugee camp where the United Nations trained me to be a teacher of my mother language and I taught in both the camp and neighbouring villages for about 20 years.  Since arriving in New Zealand I have worked for English Language Partners Porirua as a Cultural and Language Assistant and I am a member, formally a leader, of the United Democratic Burmese Community (NZ) Incorporated.

Laura Moreno

Laura MorenoI’m a Colombian lawyer and I came to study a  Master in NZ, but being a volunteer at ELP has being one of the most rewarding  personal adventures in my life. This is an amazing journey of shared experiences of determination, collective work and resiliency.

Laure Romanetti

Laure RomanettiI moved to New Zealand from France with my family in 2001. I integrated my studies of Philosophy, Literature and Social Practice in my many careers which include counselling, teaching and chocolate making. I now run the Auckland North Newcomers Network, but my greatest achievement are my 2 sons Noé and Olivier.

Mohammad Hilal

Mohammad Hilal

Formerly a teacher, I am a self-motivated and driven learner who has recently made a career switch into tech via a Master of Software Development at Victoria University of Wellington.

I am a self-motivated person who is willing to take on responsibility to deliver key outcomes. I particularly like to volunteer my time into projects that support teaching, learning, and skill-sharing.

Ngozi Penson

Ngozi Penson

I have lived in New Zealand for many years and in that time developed a keen interest in community engagement and civic participation. My background includes Small business start-up and management, volunteering and working in the Non-For-profit sector, Adult education, Coaching and Training. I sit on Non-For-Profit boards and Public sector Advisory groups.

Rehab Mohamed

Rehab Mohamed

I am Egyptian, wife to a geneticist and mum to 2 children. I came to New Zealand in July 2017 and I lived in Denmark for 6 years before coming here. Graduating from an Agriculture faculty, I worked as an administrator.