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At English Language Partners, the focus isn’t just about language learning. Attention to all aspects of daily life in Aotearoa are covered in workshops and outings.

Recently, our Palmerston North learners discussed domestic issues, ranging from parenting in New Zealand, domestic violence awareness, and self defence for women.

Men’s workshop

In two friendly men-only sessions last week, men from the ESOL Literacy and ESOL Intensive classes learned about caring for children, safety in the home, and having patience. Red Cross team, Jenny Pepworth and Norzam Mahmood delivered a session on parenting. Lots of tips were shared to the dads or grandads in this session on how to manage disobedient children in the New Zealand context, where smacking is against the law.

Our Cultural Learning Assistant, Chuda Ghimirey who is also a Triple P trainer used videos, discussions, booklets and role plays to teach about managing disobedient children, how to minimise hazards and dangers for children at home and to talk about power and control in migrant and refugee families.

domestic issues workshop 001

Some of the issues that could potentially cause problems are controlling access to money, complaining about the cooking, not sharing childcare tasks, as well as arguing a lot in front of children. Contact agencies and phone numbers were shared as there are a range of options for getting help if any of these problems are happening. Chuda also shared the website areyouok.org.nz  and the phone number 0800 456 450 with the participants.

As a giveaway all participants received “The Blokes Book 2019” which is a wonderful resource for reference to the learners.

Everyone agreed wholeheartedly that they had enjoyed the programme.

domestic issues workshop 002


Women’s Self Defence

During a recent course, women in the ESOL Literacy and Intensive learned that they can be STRONG while hoping that there will be NO FIGHTING. They came out of the course knowing ‘where to strike’ in the eyes, throat, stomach and groin. They were introduced to a range of tools to deal with unsafe situations, including sexual harassment, being followed, and getting out of grabs and holds.

Students learned to think confidently, speak strongly and use self defence skills when necessary. They learned how to use voice and body to help keep themselves safe. Walking confidently, vulnerable spots on the body, and other techniques were practised with mats and role plays.

domestic issues workshop 003

A balance of physical activity, discussion, and humour (for a hard topic) were employed by Women’s Self Defence Network – Wahine Toa Inc trainer Karen Millane to deliver the recent Women’s Self-Defence course to women at English Language Partners.

Karen was a good listener, sensitive, thoughtful and fun. As well as lots of knowledge, the learners were ‘rewarded’ with a certificate and nice pen – all well received.

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ESOL Literacy

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