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Reference resources

Resources created in this area by English Language Partners New Zealand are freely available. Please acknowledge the source when using our resources.

Grammar reference 

Simple, accessible explanations about grammar, and pronunciation and use of English information. 

3rd person pronouns                   Affixes: part one                   Affixes: part two                   Contracted forms

Critical literacy                            Expressing good wishes        Nouns and verbs                   Participles

Personal pronouns                      Phonics                                 Phrasal verbs                        Prepositions

Pull grammar out of learners      Small talk                              Softeners

Verb tenses                                 Vocabulary                            Will: talking about the future


Teaching tips and ideas

 Internet resource suggestions: Using YouTube
Suggestions for using YouTube clips such as Mr Bean, recipes and adverts to teach English.

Short films on YouTube
A list of useful short films with a brief description of each film. Also ideas for activities for using film to teach English.  


Recipes: A sample lesson plan for using YouTube recipe clips (6mb, WORD doc)
Recipes: A sample lesson plan for using YouTube recipe clips (1mb, PDF doc)
A lesson plan for using video clips about two recipes; Banana Bread and Beef Osso bucco.


Interacting with the internet
Ideas for using websites to teach English, google maps, google translate, Pinterest, supermarket and job sites etc. Also a list of useful websites.

Legend: Lesson plan for using TV advert about drink-driving in New Zealand.
Includes discussion activities, a cloze worksheet, and activities with a focus on Kiwi slang 



20 resources you already have
Tips for using everyday resources, e.g. the phone book, junk mail, food etc.


Design a worksheet using WORD
Useful tips for desiging, layout, inserting pictures etc using Microsoft WORD.



Workshops and presentations


Extensive reading and language learning - notes from a webinar by Richard Day (Department of Second language Studies, University of Hawaii) April 2016 


Teaching vocabulary as part of a balanced programme
Paul Nation, workshop for TESOL Waikato, 2011. Notes with strategies and ideas for teaching vocabulary.

Working with large heterogeneous classes
Penny Ur, webinar, 2011. Notes with strategies and ideas for working with classes.

Prounciation and connected speech
Natalie Greenly, workshop, 2011. Notes with strategies and ideas for teaching prounciation.  

Tips for ESL-literacy teachers
Heide Spruck-Wrigley, Notes with strategies and ideas for working with literacy classes.