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Payroll giving

Payroll giving

It's easy! Make a regular donation from your pay. Nominate English Language Partners New Zealand as your chosen charity and receive an immediate tax credit of 33⅓ cents for each dollar, i.e. if you donate $10 directly through your pay, you receive an automatic tax credit of $3.33. 

Payroll giving needs to be set up with your employer’s payroll/finance department.  
To set up payroll giving to English Language Partners New Zealand, you need this information:
Name English Language Partners New Zealand  
Charities Commission Number CC51013 
ELPNZ IRD Number 115-248-006
Bank Account Number 06 0507 0017792 12 

Join Rosemarie, on payroll giving today and help a new Kiwi to live with independence and dignity.

"I donate to English Language Partners through payroll giving.

"It’s such a convenient way to give – you set it up and forget it. You don’t have to bother claiming back the tax at the end of the financial year, as you get a third back each pay - as a tax credit. It’s great my employer, the Ministry of Social Development, has a payroll giving system. 

"I’ve supported English Language Partners since 2007, when I moved home to New Zealand after living overseas. I know what it’s like to be a newcomer - to struggle with the language and feel isolated. I wanted to do something really practical to welcome people who move here.
"Back in 2007, I trained as a volunteer home tutor in Christchurch and really enjoyed teaching a young woman from Afghanistan. I visited her recently and she called me her sister, which was so cool! When I moved to Johnsonville, I taught a lovely older lady from Fiji who passed on her best curry recipes.  
"At the moment, other commitments mean it’s hard for me to volunteer my time. But I am really happy to know my regular donations are helping refugees and migrants make a fresh start.
"I’m proud to be a Kiwi who helps create life-changing beginnings for newcomers to New Zealand."
- Rosemarie North, Payroll supporter