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A partnership of diversity

21 April 2011

Luke PuamauLuke Puamau believes 'a man who lives for himself is a failure,[while] a man who lives for the other has achieved true success'.

Luke is one of an increasing number of male tutors.

He's an experienced teacher, having taught maths and science at high-school level in Tonga. While applying for a work permit, he is busy with volunteer work. He has donated time to the Tongan Youth Trust, the Auckland Regional Migrant Services and also to the Mäori Wardens as a Pacific Island Associate Member.

In March 2010, Luke was matched with his first English Language Partners' learner, Ismael Habonimana from Burundi.

Luke sees the male and female genders as being like two sides of a coin, with both sides having rich ideas that can be brought together to create a greater whole.

The increasing number of male tutors seems likely, therefore, to be a source of new inspiration for English Language Partners.

Adapted from an article by Mary Atkinson, Connecting Cultures, Issue 16