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Oops, your bias is showing!

23 April 2013

'Oops, your bias is showing!' - How unconcious thinking affects the way we view others

Everyone has bias – even people involved with ELPNZ! Often we assume that bias is only negative, but sometimes a positive bias can be just as limiting.

To check out your own biases before this webinar, visit Project Implicit and take some of the tests there. You may be surprised.

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Jenny Magee

Jenny is a champion of diverse, inclusive, workplaces and communities. A coach, trainer and speaker, Jenny is the creator of Conversity cards (www.conversity.co.nz) and the editor of New to New Zealand - Ethnic Communities in Aotearoa: A Handbook.

Jenny has worked in and around ELPNZ since 1989, (yes, she is that old!) and has a wealth of practical experience, knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity. To learn more about Jenny, visit www.jennymagee.com