ELPNZ | Working with Migrants and Refugees

‘Benvenuto’ to a new life

Our new 'Work Talk' programme helped Andrea and Monica find their jobs. Can we help you too?

Police Recruit Literacy - making dream jobs possible

How perseverance and patience can be secret ingredients to entry into the New Zealand Police Force.

Language links to new life

Remuuna Tar May’s life has revolved around language since arriving in New Zealand.

Volunteering fills the gap

Like many school leavers, Abby Fisher wanted to do something with her gap year.

Garden city helps new arrival bloom

Shah’s growing English has given her confidence to make friends wherever she is.

How to live and breathe NZ

Delia Giurgiu's best thing about language learning is the people you meet.

Re Ber simply wants to give back

Her life had been a struggle – she carried 60kg daily on her back.

Free multilingual posters

Print and celebrate our colourful cultures!


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