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Happy to see others happy

For Kannha Mao, volunteering in New Zealand started at just 17 when she took part in a play for a Cambodian trust fundraising event.

Becoming so close

New Zealand life began with the combined 40 hours’ air travel of Paw Ka Paw and Bella Gamboa.

Settling for less? No Way.

Kwok Fong and his wife chose to immigrate for the opportunity to live in a less hectic environment with better air quality.

Education key to new life

Imagine a camping holiday. After a week, you and your family can pack up the tent and head home, relaxed and ready for whatever life has in store. Now, suppose, there is no home to go back to.

Skype me for English

Dianne Wilson taught Gilda, for three months before they met in person – thanks to Skype.

Coordinator documents

Download resources for coordinators to use when selecting tutors and registering learners for the ESOL-Literacy programme. Also promotional material and administration templates. Please email Dorothy Thwaite or Victoria Ussher if you have any queries

Job mentoring service

The Job Mentoring Service provides employment support to skilled migrants and refugees from a non-English speaking background. A trained volunteer job mentor works one-to-one with a job seeker offering support, advice and information on how to find work in Wellington, New Zealand.


News & events

Jessica Yap, manager of English Language Partners Palmerston North branch, talks to WTV about the importance of recognising International Mother Language Day




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