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Tutor resources

Resources created in this area by English Language Partners New Zealand are freely available. Please acknowledge the source when using our resources.

Download ready-to-use, topic-based worksheets to support your teaching. E.g. visiting the dentist, school trips, charity street collectors, weddings, funerals, car accidents, public holidays, natural disasters etc

how to enrol and vote in a New Zealand Election.

New Zealand 2017 general election

Eleven pages of activities on how to enrol and vote in a NZ election.  With information on how New Zealand's electoral system works and a myriad of activities; gap-fill, matching, word scramble, role play dialogue, true/false and reading comprehension.

For electoral information in 27 languagesvisit the 'Elections' website (Electoral Commission) 


Download ready-to-use, topic-based units to support your teaching. E.g. Studying in New Zealand, A place to live, Buying and selling in New Zealand, Living in New Zealand, At the bank and post shop, using the phone, Reading newspapers and healthcare.


Download reference resources related to teaching.