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Becoming Kiwis

12 March 2014

"I feel confident to go everywhere in Wellington"

“Everything is easier now, I can go to the doctor’s 
or to the shops and talk to people. 
I feel confident to go everywhere in Wellington."  
- Gulchehra

“When I first came to New Zealand my English was not good” says Gulchehra. 

“I remember I was at the bus stop and a lady talked to me and said ‘Oh, today is lovely weather’ but I didn’t know how to answer. Then I left the bus stop. After that, if I saw someone at the bus stop I would never go there”.

When Gulchehra arrived five years ago, she felt enormously isolated.

Originally from Afghanistan, she spoke very little English. Communicating was nearly impossible. 

Gulchehra started working with Sunita, her volunteer home tutor from English Language Partners. Thanks to Sunita, Gulchehra can now talk about her love of gardening and cooking. She’s happy to chat at the bus stop and take part in her new country. She’s becoming a real Kiwi.
Gulchehra says everything is easier now. “I can go to the doctor’s or to the shops and talk to people. I feel confident to go everywhere in Wellington and I might go to Auckland soon”. The confidence to speak English has expanded Gulchehra’s world.
Every day people struggle to make themselves understood. The most basic things, like catching a bus, talking to their doctor or simply buying groceries can feel overwhelming for many refugees and migrants. 

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