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Frequently asked questions

two membersCan I learn English with English Language Partners?

You can learn English if

  • you are 18 years old or older
  • you live in New Zealand
  • your first language is not English
  • you meet local criteria

English Language Partners is funded to work with residents. People without residency may not get a service. We give priority to people who can't go to any other language class.

Is there any cost?
An ESOL home tutor is free to residents. The English for Employees programme is also free to residents. To go to an English Language Group you may pay a small fee. Ask at your English Language Partners' centre.

ESOL Home Tutoring Programme

How do I get an ESOL home tutor?
Contact your closest English Language Partners' centre.

Who will teach me?
ESOL home tutors are fluent English speakers. They are volunteers who trained at English Language Partners. 

Usually, each week you will learn for one hour with an ESOL home tutor. The time will suit you and your tutor. 

Your ESOL home tutor will come to your home.

What will I learn?
Tell your tutor what you want to learn. They will make a programme with you. Lessons include things like getting a driver's licence or making an appointment to see the doctor. The tutor will bring books to the lesson. You can also learn about your town or city and about New Zealand.

How long will I have an ESOL home tutor?
Your tutor will teach you for six months. After six months, if a tutor is available, you can have more lessons. Some learners have another tutor. Some learners continue with the same tutor.

English Language Groups

Can I join a group?
All centres have groups. Groups are a good way to practise English and to meet other people. Ask your manager about a suitable group for you. Also ask about any costs.

English for Migrants

I paid the New Zealand Immigration Service for English lessons before I came to New Zealand. How can I get the lessons?
We will find a teacher for you. Contact your closest centre. Or phone our national office in Wellington on (04) 471 2382.