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23 February 2017

Jean Harding, manager, and Mareena Ilyas, a wonderfully dedicated teacher, talk about helping refugees and migrants live an everyday Kiwi life. (NZFocus video)

13 February 2017

ELPNZ is supporting parents to encourage their children to speak to them in their home language. This is also the message of International Mother Language Day, 21 February.

29 January 2017

Marinela Muniz was watching television at her home in Uruguay when she saw an advertisement promoting New Zealand.

28 January 2017

When Teresa Gergis arrived in New Zealand, she found that having learned English since she was six didn’t always equate to being able to communicate.

27 January 2017

“Generally, the average age for people who come to the Job Mentoring Service is getting younger but they have more skills,” says Jos Kunnen.