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Free multilingual posters

18 February 2015

Let's celebrate our wonderful cultures!

International Mother Language Day and Race Relations Day 2015

You're welcome to print and display these two lovely posters to celebrate International Mother Language Day (21 February) and Race Relations Day (21 March).

The posters say “Celebrate” in many languages.

Print them out from the options listed under and put them up in your workplace, home, school and community centres. You can also use the JPG versions for emailing out to friends and family, on your facebook page, twitter, Instagram or any of your social media accounts.

These are the poster printing options:

Let's celebrate our wonderful cultures!

1.  A3 with flags  |  A3 with circle  (PDFs) 

2.  A4 with flags   |  A4 with circle  (PDFs) 

3.  A4 with flags   |  A4 with circle  (JPGs)  

We have high resolution PDFs you want to print the poster more professionally. Please contact Grace Bassett who can file transfer you these files.