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'Fill a bag' a fun-filled event

22 September 2016

After receiving donations of a huge variety of clothing and household items for their refugee-background learners, English Language Partners' centre in Porirua decided the best way to distribute everything was through a series of ‘$1 Fill a Bag’ mornings.

'Shoppers' purchase a plastic bag for $1 which they can fill with the donated goods. Raffles, door prizes and shared morning teas are also an essential part of each event's success.

The refugee and migrant-background learners enjoy participating socially in this very Kiwi context outside their normal classroom environment. Everyone has the chance to practise their English skills by ‘shopping’ for donated items, and charging $1 per bag provided learners with a sense of contribution while providing the centre with a small fundraising opportunity.

During a recent ‘$1 Fill a Bag’ event, a Burmese woman won a leather jacket from a raffle, and ended up having a lot of laughs with a Syrian chap who was trying to buy the jacket off her. 

The mornings are a huge success, with learners appreciating the donated goods, finding the raffles and door prizes exciting, and enjoying the interactive break from class.

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